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assistant producer 

How long have you been involved with gangshow?

My first show was way back in 1996…..as a cub! I appeared in two shows as a cub and then moved to the Senior Gang where I was part of the Gang Show Academy in 2004 and then joined the production team in 2006. This will be my 10th show as a cast member, and my 5th on the Production Team and I really think that this could be the best show we have ever had!

How are you involved in scouting/guiding?

I joined Beavers when I was 6 and a half and I have been involved ever since!!  I went on to Cubs and Scouts and then became a Young Leader at 4th Winklebury Cub Group where I have been ever since!  I have been there for 10 years now which means I have been in Scouting for 19 and a half years……scary!!

What are your aims for the show?

I have seen lots of different Gang Show's, and I believe that we have one of the BEST shows of its kind in the whole country! My aim for Basingstoke Gang Show would be to ensure that we keep moving forward and creating a modern, youthful and enjoyable show for years to come, while always remembering the essential essence of what a Gang Show is all about - Scouts and Guides working together, making friends and creating an entertaining and enjoyable show.

What's the best thing about being involved with the show?

The best thing about being involved in Gang Show is easy!  It is the friends that you make and the people you meet along the way.  I have made many friends throughout all my time at Gang Show and know that some will be friends that I keep in touch with for the rest of my life. Also Gang Show gives you great opportunities - since I have been involved we have performed at The Royal Albert Hall, even the O2 Arena…..now that is truly awesome!

What other interests do you have outside of gangshow?

I really enjoy performing on stage and have performed in lots of other shows in and around Basingstoke.  I am also involved behind the scenes with The Basingstoke Variety Show which is an annual show held in support of The Mayor of Basingstoke and his nominated charities. I support the single greatest team in the whole universe….Arsenal Football Club!  They are brilliant and I get very sad when they lose!!  I also tenpin bowl and have even bowled for Hampshire!  Anyone that thinks they can beat me….bring it on!! 

If gangshow had an unlimited budget what would you do?

Unlimited budget = Gang Show House!  That way we could rehearse as much as we wanted!  Also lots more pyros, on stage fireworks, I would love a revolving set and an LED back wall!  Lastly, if we had an unlimited budget that means we could do Gang Show all year round….how fun would that be?!

What's your most embarrassing moment on and off stage?

My most embarrassing moment on stage…..there are lots!  Apart from the obvious tripping, falling and general slipping, I once stuck my tongue out on stage to someone in the audience…..which was funny at the time….until in the post-show review I found out that there had been a critic in the audience and it was put in the local paper!!  NOT COOL!!  See Gang…..do as we say NOT as we do….we have learnt from experience!! Off stage, most embarrassing moment - telling a joke which I think is really funny - and no one laughs, which happens quite a lot!  For example -  You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice. Boom Boom!! 

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