Steve Edney

Steve Edney

It is with great pride that Basingstoke Gang Show is the best-selling amateur theatre production in Hampshire.

Our talented cast of 70 Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Explorers and Young Leaders from within our local community perform 11 performances, with audiences of over 3,000 in our bi-annual variety show which is action packed with song, dance and laughter.

The aim of Basingstoke Gang Show is “to enable the cast to reach their full potential, as they develop their self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork and trust, as well as make friends for life through a truly amazing shared experience”.

As I look back to when it all started in 1980, this aim became a reality for so many within our community. Whilst supporting the aims of the Scout and Guide Associations, Basingstoke Gang Show provides a great environment to nurture our young talent across the three districts of Basingstoke East, Basingstoke West and Silchester.

We have a reputation for being the leading Gang Show within the UK, have won a host of national awards and played at the O2 arena and The Royal Albert Hall. In 2012, Basingstoke Gang Show won “A Place to Be Proud of, Basingstoke Ambassador Award” which was in recognition of the talent within our local community.

Each dynamic cast rehearses for six months, learning lyrics, dance moves and key lines for the comedy sketches. There is always a small army of volunteers working behind the scenes in production, scenery, wardrobe and on the business team.

The cost of Basingstoke Gang Show is £65,000. We are an entirely self-funded production managed by a team of 140 dedicated volunteers who enable us to create the environment for the cast to flourish and have their ‘time to shine on stage’ and the audience to be truly entertained.

In addition to working with the young people directly involved, the show also raises funds for The Development Fund, to support members of Scouting and Guiding in the Basingstoke area. The Development Fund ensures the benefits of Scouting and Guiding are available to all, regardless of background or financial circumstance.

I would like to thank everyone who has volunteers for Basingstoke Gang Show for their time, support and never ending energy!

Steve Edney

Chairman of Basingstoke Gang Show